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IT User Skills Courses

Would you like to improve your computer skills? These courses are designed for anyone who wants to improve their knowledge of today’s technology or to validate your IT skills with Certification to improve your career prospects

WPCS 2.1.6
PC Technology & A+ Certification Bundle

Study Time: Approximately 300 Hours (Self-Study)

The PC Technology and A+ Certification Course Bundle allows students to purchase our PC Technology – Level 3 Course together with the A+ Certification Online Course for a discounted price of only £525.00. This course bundle is an ideal combination for those who want to learn more about computers and the various components within them and also gain both the Open Awards – Level 3 Certification and the industry specific A+ Certification qualification.

$ 35.91
PC Technology – Level 3 Course

Study Time: Approximately 120 Hours (Self-Study)

The PC Technology – Level 3 Online Course is designed for students who are interested in starting a career as a PC technician or who simply want to learn more about their PC hardware and Windows operating system. The course is also designed as a thorough introduction to the renowned and industry-recognised CompTIA (Computer Technology Industry Association) A+ syllabus, so that PC technology novices are suitably prepared for the highly-technical content of the A+ course itself. On successful completion of this popular course, you will receive an Open Awards Quality Endorsed Unit Course Certificate 8 Open Awards credits.

$ 57.10
European Computer Driving Licence (ECDL) Online Course

Study Time: Approximately 80 Hours (Self-Study)

The European Computer Driving Licence (ECDL) is an internationally recognised IT qualification designed to give students the skills to use a computer confidently and effectively. This official ECDL online course can help to improve your understanding and efficient use of computers. The course opens up a variety of opportunities through the broad range of skills it provides. The ECDL qualification is widely recognised by employers as proof of ability and competence when working with IT. The ECDL is designed for novice and intermediate computer users, assumes no prior expertise, and offers a flexible working programme. ECDL is the world’s leading computer skills certification. To date more than 14 million people have engaged with the ECDL programme in over 100 countries.

$ 26.63
IT Essentials – Level 2 (RQF) Course

Study Time: Approximately 140 Hours (Self-Study)

The IT Essentials – Level 2 (RQF) Course is designed for students who want to gain a good all-round knowledge of using a computer and its associated software. The course covers the same content as the ECDL syllabus and will give you a fundamental knowledge of the use of computers, the Internet, Email, security and it will also focus on the use of the important software packages included in the Microsoft Office suite (Excel, Word, PowerPoint and Access). This course is designed for people who use technology at work, in education, when looking for work, or in their leisure time. The course covers accredited ITQ (IT User Qualification) units listed on Ofqual and can lead to a Level 2 RQF (Regulated Qualifications Framework) qualification.

$ 39.27