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A Level Courses

An A Level is the Gold Standard of the British education system, and they are often the main requirement for further education applications to Universities. We offer a range of popular A Level Courses designed to be completed over a one or two year period.

WPCS 2.1.6
Law A Level Course

Study Time: Approximately 700 Hours (Self-Study)

The Law A Level Course will give you a thorough understanding of how law is created, administered and changed. You will learn how to analyse problem situations and apply the appropriate substantive legal rules and principles. You will gain the ability to evaluate critically the appropriateness and effectiveness of particular legal rules, institutions and procedures together with an appreciation of the effects of the law and the legal system on the individual and society.

$ 442.36
Economics A Level Course

Study Time: Approximately 700 Hours (Self-Study)

The Economics A Level Course has been developed so students can learn to apply economic theory to support analysis of current economic issues. Students are encouraged to understand the interrelationships between microeconomics and macroeconomics and to help in developing real life skills which are needed to understand and analyse data, and to think critically and to make informed decisions. Students will also develop their quantative skills and learn to evaluate arguments using both qualitative and quantitative data.

$ 264.42
Business A Level Course

Study Time: Approximately 700 Hours (Self-Study)

The Business A level Course will give you a solid grounding in many of the skills required for business life in the rapidly changing world of the new millennium. One of our most popular courses, it assumes no prior knowledge, although it is an advantage to have some background in accounting and mathematics. New topics include the “dot com” phenomenon and how to start a new business.

$ 220.60
Biology A Level Course

Study Time: Approximately 700 Hours (Self-Study)

The Biology A Level Course embraces the fascinating study of life and all living organisms. This specification will cover the molecular basis, origins and the ecosystems inhabited by such organisms. The course will also deal with the more worrying aspects of Biology such as disease, habitat destruction and genetic engineering.

$ 131.93